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        Dingxiang County Cui Zhuang Yi Cheng forging is located in Dingxiang County, Shanxi Province, the "Hometown of Forging" named by the State Council of China. With Buddhist sacred Mountain Wutai to its north and Taiyuan, the capital of the province to its south, the county has a predominant location and convenient rail and highway transportation. Natural resources coal, electricity and steel materials are very abundant. Skilled workers, forging equipments are all in the leading level. The company mainly produces American Standard . German standards , British Standard , Japanese standard , Italian standards , Australian Standard and China's national standards series flange. Cultivars have Welding neck (WN), Slip-on (SO), Socket welding (SW), Lap-joint (LJ), Blind (BL), Thread (TH). Plate (PL), etc., sizes from 1 / 2 "(DN15 ) to 60" (DN1500). And the company can produce non-standard flange, gear, shaft, modules and other forgings as per customer’s requirments. The material quality is ensured and we have established a strict quality guarantee system in the forging, turning, drilling and heat treatment processing operations. The company is now available for a monthly production capacity of 500 tons of all kinds of flanges. Materials are mainly: 16MN, 20 #, Q235 15CrMo, 42CrMo, A694, F42-F70, A350-LF2, A105, C22.8, ST37.2, 304, 304L, .321, 316, 316Ti etc. Materials is complete. We adopt scientific and rational methods of management, regarding “to meet customer’s request” as the center, to seek increasing perfection, to strive to brand. The "integrity and pragmatic" is our first advantage. Warmly welcome people of all circles at home and abroad to visit our company to realize multi-mode, multi-level cooperation and common development on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and to establish long-term and stable bussiness relationships.

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